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This is all about real moments, true love, genuine smiles, and serious cuddles. My job is to capture emotion in a way that can be felt for generations. I want to capture your lifestyle, not just the way you look. I want your heart to swell every time you go through your photos!


during your session, be prepared for the possibility of :

embracing the weather, having your hair caught up in the wind, laughing a lot, snuggling a lot,
making out a lot (with each other - not with me), walking on logs, crossing creeks, a little mud, going barefoot,
dancing, dancing, dancing.



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Read on together for more information to help you feel comfortable during your photo shoot and tips for making it the best day ever!

It's completely normal to feel nervous before a photo session - the first 15 minutes are scary, scary, scary. If you feel like a chicken with its head chopped off, go with it! Awkwardly laugh. Hold each other and stare at me like I am a creep. Let all that anxious out and have fun with it!

* Here's how it goes : "Let's go walking this way, holding hands. Oh! Pause there and look at that! It's crazy! Now put your arms around each other. Look at each other, cause you're even more beautiful than that view. Now kiss a bit." 

I want it to be full of natural moments. I'll photograph you holding hands as you walk around, helping each other out on rocks. I want you checking out that view, checking out each other.

But then BAM, you come out with that Blue Steel. It's not all fun and games, I wanna see your model poses too. We'll pull some Vogue, some seriously hipster stuff.
This should feel like a fun day out, a sweet time to connect and do what you love, together... with me.







My shooting style varies on a scale between cinematic (where every detail and movement is planned, you're Angelina Jolie) and documentary (where nothing is planned or placed, 100% candid). I try to create moments for you by asking you to move and interact together in ways that allow me to capture your candid moments. I'll give prompts and directions that include movements, but that will help you to react in your own natural way (*see example above!)

How you can help :

Remember how you interact when you're alone together. How do you normally hold hands? Do you cuddle up together when sitting next to each other? I will direct you, but I want you to think about the things you two do together that you think are special. Then do that!


Make those horrible jokes, have that fun.
Show me that America's Next Top Model, don't crack a smile.

Do not focus on what you think you should do, just do you! If you want serious photos, be serious. If you want to laugh and make jokes, you can do that! We can do a healthy mix, if you prefer.

It's all about you two and who you are (have I said this enough?)

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Feel free to bring drinks and snacks along. If you wanna have some whisky, have some whisky! Bring that block of cheese! Just make sure it's sips and not chugs so that you don't look totally tanked in your pictures.


Get dressed up, do your hair and makeup, get fancy - or be rugged and outdoorsy and comfortable. DO BOTH. Whatever makes you happy and feels normal - wear something that feels true to you and, most importantly, something you'll feel comfortable in!

If you want to do both, starting with a casual outfit and getting fancy at the top, outfit changes are perfectly fine!

BUT PLEASE, make sure you are both dressed in a similar style. If you decide to go with sneakers, both wear sneakers. If one of you is dressing up, both dress up.

Men’s shoes are probably the hardest part. I’ve found the easiest way to go are boots like these. They go well with nearly every kind of outfit, casual or dressed up.

Here is a link to a Pinterest Board I made specifically for you with tons of outfit ideas! feel free to message me any pictures or questions about clothes - I’m always super happy to help (:



 If you have a day full of stressful errands, it's going to be difficult to unwind and enjoy your session. If possible, spend the day together and take it easy. Grab a drink + lunch before your session if you can! Make it a date. 


Foggy weather (more like Dream Weather), wind messing up your hair, mud on your shoes, these things tell a story and give us a real experience. There is a reason we call them adventure sessions!


Now it's your turn! Hopefully this made you even more excited for your shoot! If it did, send an email with what you're most excited about, your favorite music, things that you both do that you love about each other that you'd like captured.




Every couple is different and I want to create something that feels true to you. I want to learn about you two and create something beautiful, adventurous, and authentic. Please understand that I will never ask you to step past your comfort level when it comes to heights, climbing, and even poses.

If you have any questions or just want to get chatty and excited together, always feel free to reach out via text or e-mail

540-335-5958 |

Thaddeus and Ashley Foggy Shenandoah National Park Adventure Session.jpg