Bobby & Kelly | Courthouse & Brewhouse Elopement | Woodstock, Virginia Wedding Photographer

I’m tired of their stories, let’s write our own.
— Atticus

This is a throwback to almost exactly one year ago. Bobby & Kelly scheduled an engagement photoshoot for a Saturday during a blizzard, but because there was 3 feet of show falling from the sky, we decided we would reschedule. The day after, I got a call from Kelly saying they were going to reschedule their photo shoot for Friday, and instead of an engagement session it was going to be their wedding! 

It was absolutely freezing, and it was a total of 8 at the front steps of the court house when they exchanged vows. We walked down the street to all of their friends and family waiting for them, beer in hand, at the local brewhouse. It was a life changing moment, this first elopement I ever photographed - to see something so special, a small gathering like this one. I've had many of those moments on this journey in photography, a huge "A HA!" where I realize what direction I want to go, something that's unforgettable, and this was one of those.

Happy one year anniversary to these two I'm SO happy to call friends.