Curiosity Shoppe | A Styled Wedding Shoot

a styled wedding shoot, inspired by an old Curiosity Shoppe.

taken in an old pre-Civil War home, in the solarium & attic.

This shoot was intended for soon-to-be brides to draw inspiration for their own big day.
all of the pieces in this shoot were second-hand from thrift stores, made, gifted, or bought at a very low price from stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, or found on clearance at boutiques or other stores (some vases & candle sticks are $0.88 from Walmart, spray painted copper)

included are bridal portraits, which could be a source of inspiration to both brides & photographers for the wedding day.

the dress was made by a small business dress maker in Morocco for Arena. 
Invitation, Menu, & Table Design : White Sails
Photography : White Sails
Model : Arena Owen-Badillo