Damian & Jesse | Destination Backyard Wedding | Chebeague Island, Maine

I’d like to first say thank you to Clare who helped photograph this wedding. Jesse asked me to be her Maid of Honor when we went to Peru to take their engagement pictures, but I also wanted to help capture their wedding day in-camera, so Clare and I worked together to do that. The following photos are a mix of both her’s and mine. You can find her work at Madeira Creative. Johnny also helped in capturing the ceremony and drone shots (:

We spent an entire week in Maine leading up to this wedding. Damian is my brother, and so we had our entire family there (something that is rarely accomplished because it is 35 of us between my siblings and nieces and nephews) - Jesse told us for months leading up to the wedding all about this Island she spent her summers on growing up, but I don’t think any of us realized just how special and incredible it would be until we got there. It was like stepping back in time, I felt like I was somewhere between the 50’s and 80’s. There was no internet, no cell service, few cars; only old trucks we’d ride around on the backs of, or we rode around on bikes. It was like being 8 years old all over again for an entire week. The whole time we were there was an experience that added on to the wedding day. It was a wild and fun freedom that makes me love backyard weddings, and even more-so now.

Jesse brought something wonderful to Damian, but also to our family. She’s an incredible hula hooper who inspires and impresses me daily. She let us in on this secret island, and I think we are all so thankful for that. To top it all off, Jesse found a wildflower farm where we went and picked all our own flowers for our bouquets and hair. We went back to one of the cabins and drank and put all our bouquets together late into the night. She’s just really, really cool. (this has become my love note to her.)

This song was one that played during their wedding reception in Maine, and again in Virginia. It’s the song you can run and dance to and feel a bit wild. This song will always remind me of their wedding, I can’t help but dance whenever I hear it. It matches the way the week and day felt, and it matches these two : fun, wild, carefree.

I love these two with all my heart.

Dress : Grace Loves Lace
Cake : Sweet Bella’s Homemade Treats

Emilee | Styled Sunrise Bridal Portraits | Lake Superior - Duluth, Minnesota

Let me start by saying how grateful I am for having an incredibly inspiring and creative friend who is ALSO a photographer. Clare is based in Minnesota and also travels for weddings, and she is my confidant, my 24-hour therapist, and the one who helps me get the creativity flowing.

We worked together to style this shoot for the relaunch of her photography business - Madeira Creative. You can find her whole blog post here : Madeira Blog Post

This was one of the best weekends of my life. We roadtripped up to northern Minnesota, to Duluth, and met up with our GORGEOUS ROCKSTAR model Emilee who was a freaking trooper. We woke up at 4:15 on Saturday morning, made our coffee to go, and went to the frigid, windy coast of Lake Superior. In-between shots, Emilee would put on her jacket, ear muffs, and winter boots - then wrap up in a blanket, and we'd run back to the car and sit in the heat for a bit, then go back out in the cold for a few minutes more. We did this for almost 4 hours. It was faaaaantastic.

Location : Lake Superior, Duluth, Minnesota

Model : Emilee Elofson

Bouquet & Flower Crown :  Bella Flora, Duluth

Rings, Necklace, Earrings : Britta Lynn Design

Invitations : Esther Clark Co.

Dress : Asos

Lisa & Stuart | Shenandoah National Park | Post-Wedding Sunrise Couple Portraits

White Sails is named after a quote from a book, The Scarlet Pimpernel - “Silhouetted against the ever-changing sky, a graceful schooner, with white sails set, was gently dancing in the breeze.” When I read this quote years ago, I knew I would name my photography business White Sails. It summed up everything I hoped my business would be. It followed the description of a woman, stepping out on her porch, looking out to sea. It spoke to my romantic, dramatic heart, and played with my imagination. This photo shoot with Lisa & Stuart has brought that vision to life, all on their very own. This was no styled shoot, it wasn’t a drawn-out plan. It was Lisa & Stuart and real, honest, incredible love.

4:00am wake up - I hardly slept the whole night anyway, out of excitement. I had made a whole sunrise playlist for this very shoot, but once I got to our meet up spot and lay down on the stone wall, I knew we wouldn't need any music. It was warm, but dry. Not humid, not hot. With the most glorious breeze. It was unlike any weather I had every encountered, the most perfect weather. I wish I could take the wind, the weather, the sounds, and the feelings surrounding this photo and post it for you all. I can honestly still feel it. 

Lisa wore Stuart's grandmother's wedding dress, she altered it herself. Stuart is a carpenter, he made his cufflinks and their ring boxes. Their first date was hiking Old Rag - a pretty intense hike in the Shenandoah National Park. They were married 6 days before we took these photos. We listened to the birds chirping, let the wind take over. Lisa was barefoot for this entire photo shoot, and it made me want to be, too. It was relaxed - the actual wedding day had passed, but the excitement of being newly married still lingered. It was just repeating moments of calm and awe the entire morning - mixed with the sunrise.

Sunrise is more changing and dramatic than sunset. It is the most peaceful experience. I will always be grateful for this photo shoot with these two wonderful people.