the experience


White Sails is named after a quote from a book, The Scarlet Pimpernel - “Silhouetted against the ever-changing sky, a graceful schooner, with white sails set, was gently dancing in the breeze.” When I read this quote years ago, I knew I would name my photography business White Sails. It summed up everything I hoped my business would be. It followed the description of a woman, stepping out on her porch, looking out to sea. It spoke to my romantic, dramatic heart, and played with my imagination. This has backed my photography up throughout the years, and has been the driving force behind the imagery and experience of White Sails.


So, what Does this meaN?





Connect : 

You use the contact form to reach out, tell me your wonderful story, and get your hopes & dreams out on the table. 

I will respond with a pricing packet that gives you the entire low-down on all the costs and also tells you a little more about myself so that you feel comfortable with this new person you're emailing. Super easy. You can ask me allllllll the questions you have and decide if you want to move forward or not! We can go through all your questions over email, phone, video chat, or chai tea! However you want to get things figured out, I am there.

Booking & Staying Connected :

If you decide you want to book White Sails to photograph your wedding, WAHOO!!! We get the ball rolling by signing a contract and paying a $1,000 retainer to book your date. We can meet up and chat all you want from there to go over planning and freaking out and excitement leading up to the big day. Send me all your pictures of all the fun stuff you're buying, pulling together, and creating. I love all the fun details so, so much. 

White Sails Creative Black and White Couple Engagement Shoot Photography

Engagement session :

I want to photograph you and and the love of your life the way you truly are, so I want to get to know you, what your quirks are, the way he holds you and snuggles you and kisses you. That's why engagement sessions are complimentary with wedding bookings, because it's so important that I capture who you truly are. I'm going to be with you your entire wedding day, so I'd love to be close friends by the time that comes around. 

Engagement sessions could be in a cozy home, in the mountains, at your favorite coffee shop, canoeing down the river - whoever it is you are, we're gonna make it happen. Make it a super fun day for the two of you, take a little road trip, treat yourselves! 

Planning :

You will have a wedding photographer who will also be your friend, and know you and the love of your life well - because you will have a wedding photographer who will stay in contact with you throughout your wedding planning process, and help with any questions you have along the way.  I want to be as helpful and there as you need. If you want opinions on colors and flowers and timelines, I'm your girl. Send me all you want throughout the entire planning process. I only take on a limited amount of projects per year, so that means I'm there to help you every step of the way.

White Sails Creative Foggy Bridesmaids Photo Loudoun County Virginia

The day to top all days 

AHHHHHHHHH. It's here, it's here, it's really really here. I'm gonna bounce around with you, and then get to business. I'm going to be in the background capturing every in-between and BIG moment. That means you will receive honest documentation of your day, as well as a romantic, artistic twist. You won't be posed all day, because this is more like a documentary, but guided when a spark of creativity hits. You make the memories, I'll make the art. It's the best deal ever. You, all you have to do is enjoy and live in the moment. Cry, dance, take shots, snuggle your boo. It's going to be awesome.

Delivery :


1-2 days after your wedding you will see a photo or two from your wedding day as an exciting sneak peek to tide you over in your excitement.
4-6 weeks after your wedding day you will receive a private online gallery of all of your wedding photos that you can share, order prints, or download from. You will receive photos that you want printed and hanging on your walls as works of art - as well as photos that will capture the awesome, hilarious, wonderful time you had dancing the night away with your friends and family that you can flip through as you show your photos off for years, and years.