about the name

In 2013 I took the month of December off from school and work (to use all the money I had saved up from four jobs) and traveled through Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, and surrounding countries. I called my brother up the week before I left (after my plan of going alone had been found out). I asked him to accompany me, he asked when, I said in 7 days, he said yes. We traveled together for 10 days before I met up with my sister in Germany. I spent Christmas with she and her wee family and she got me "The Scarlet Pimpernel". It just so happened that the White Cliffs of Dover play a part in this book (which was already an obsession from my visit a year prior). I loved that book so much as I read it and traveled alone in London. That whole month, that entire trip, did wonders for me. I remember every detail, every feeling I had in every place. There was something about that December gloom. The constant fog, the snow over bright green grass. It spoke to my romantic heart, all the intertwining of the book, the cliffs, the feelings I had in Scotland & England. The Scarlet Pimpernel will always remind me of an evening I spent reading in the most beautiful hostels in London, cuddled with a blanket & tea against a rain-beaten window.

In that book, there was a quote "with white sails set, was gently dancing in the breeze”. When I read that quote, and thought of it over and over, it was with this feeling I could do anything. I was so blissfully happy from my trip - cuddling on that couch, I wrote that quote down instantly, knowing it would be a part of my photography.

Photographs bring you back to those simple & crazy days, those amazing memories you didn’t even realize you were making, but that you will miss years down the road. Because these are REAL moments and real memories. They are so incredibly special, and they deserve to be seen and looked over and talked about for years and years to come.


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