Ashley & Michael | An Intimate Backyard Wedding | Shenandoah Valley Wedding

Michael is one of quite a few Beaune's whose weddings I've either photographed or attended. I've known him all my life, and have photographed his (now!!) wife Ashley at quite a few weddings as well. They got engaged over a year and a half ago, and she booked me right away. I can't believe how quickly the time went by from the day she booked until October 14th. 

It was a gorgeous fall day, the colors were magic, but it was still so warm. Ashley got ready in their home where I got to photograph her, and Marty stuck with the guys (this is our typical Beaune wedding set-up). She wore her mother's, and her grandmother's, wedding dress, redesigned for her. It was one of the most stunning and unique dresses I had ever seen, and instantly brought me back in time, placing me in one of my favorite movies.

While their guest list was huge, their wedding was intimate and casual, just going with the flow of the day.

They were absolutely darling, these high school sweethearts, and I am SO happy I was able to share in their day.

Florals by Amy Beaune Nesbitt