Selene & Chase | Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia | At-Home Adventure Session

This was a magical day. Selene and I had found each other on Instagram somehow, and we also found much in common (including a distant love for Ireland.) This was taken near where I live, but it felt like I had traveled far. It was an unusually warm day for February, and romantically blustery. By the end of the shoot, one photo in particular, I felt as if I had been hiking through Ireland and stumbled across a lovely couple, and snapped a candid photo. 

While I try not to pose too much for photos, it's often helpful because having your photo taken can be scary. In this case, though. I barely spoke at all - it truly felt like a documentary of their relationship. 

This is one of the most romantic photo shoots I've ever encountered, and I feel truly blessed that I can share this with you all. I've chosen a song about Scotland, but I think it suits well.