Grace & Jack | London's Museum of Natural History | Couple Portraits

This shoot was so full of fun, and so different from my normal. I met with Grace & Jack in the museum, along with hundreds of other people. We couldn't believe how crowded the place was. We did our best to dodge guests and find some empty spots in the museum, then ran out into the cold to explore nearby streets. We met a cafe owner, who invited us to take photos with his cakes, saw street performers, blooming trees, and cute side-yards (also, yes, that's a huge whale skeleton behind them in half those photos). It was such a fun little adventure, and I made a lovely new pair of friends. Staying in touch with Grace after our shoot together has been such blessing, and I hope we're able to meet up again one day!

Grace is also an incredibly talented photographer who you can follow on Instagram - she has this incredible Gold Dust Project that's taking the internet by storm! Give it a look!