Emilee | Styled Sunrise Bridal Portraits | Lake Superior - Duluth, Minnesota

Let me start by saying how grateful I am for having an incredibly inspiring and creative friend who is ALSO a photographer. Clare is based in Minnesota and also travels for weddings, and she is my confidant, my 24-hour therapist, and the one who helps me get the creativity flowing.

We worked together to style this shoot for the relaunch of her photography business - Madeira Creative. You can find her whole blog post here : Madeira Blog Post

This was one of the best weekends of my life. We roadtripped up to northern Minnesota, to Duluth, and met up with our GORGEOUS ROCKSTAR model Emilee who was a freaking trooper. We woke up at 4:15 on Saturday morning, made our coffee to go, and went to the frigid, windy coast of Lake Superior. In-between shots, Emilee would put on her jacket, ear muffs, and winter boots - then wrap up in a blanket, and we'd run back to the car and sit in the heat for a bit, then go back out in the cold for a few minutes more. We did this for almost 4 hours. It was faaaaantastic.

Location : Lake Superior, Duluth, Minnesota

Model : Emilee Elofson

Bouquet & Flower Crown :  Bella Flora, Duluth

Rings, Necklace, Earrings : Britta Lynn Design

Invitations : Esther Clark Co.

Dress : Asos