Justyn & Cj | Blue Ridge Mountains | Boone, North Carolina | Adventure Couple Session

working with other photographers is always top-knotch. We took these photos mid-day, which is something I typically stay away from because it can be very scary. Justyn and Cj were so patient as we waited for the sun to hide behind clouds so that we could get nice and even lighting for the majority of pictures. We met up at this incredible mansion that is just sitting there on top of these insane mountains, then we found a secret field to ourselves and then A LAKE IN THE MOUNTAINS. Seriously, this is all very ideal for a photo shoot. I just wanted to freak out over and over (and over).

Justyn and Cj get their photos taken twice a year, once for just the two of them and again with their two children. This is the best idea ever that I will be stealing for Johnny and I.