Alli & Mitchell | Winter Engagement Session | Shenandoah National Park

An engagement session on Shenandoah National Park - photo shoots like this are more of an experience.. for those who don’t live near the mountains, the ones who do live near them but never got the chance to explore them, or the ones who know these mountains better than any other place. We take a drive down Skyline Drive, exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains, snuggling, laughing, and running around enjoying the views.

I’ve known Alli since we were younger, we met in dance class and danced together all through high school, and she has always been an amazing friend who I remember laughing a LOT with in dance (we were cast as the same leads a couple times, so those extra practices were crazy fun) - but there was something so special about this new adventure together; getting to know Mitchell, hearing their plans for their wedding, and just spending time together made it that much more exciting to be the one to photograph their wedding.