Emma and Jeddah | Shenandoah National Park Wedding | Blue Ridge Mountains

“Have you ever been to a wedding like this?”
Grandmama : “No, I never have.. after all these years there’s not much I can say I haven’t done, but I’ve never done this.”

Emma & Jeddah planned an incredible and intimate wedding day for themselves. They booked the entire Hotel Laurance in Luray where their families stayed over the weekend - with plans to explore the town and the mountains for the rest of the weekend. The day of their wedding, they got ready in the hotel casually with the kids and dogs running around the hotel. When I showed up, Emma and Jeddah and a few others were sitting outside on the deck having a drink. Emma already had her hair and makeup done, but wasn’t in her dress yet.

Eventually they parted ways to get ready and Emma got into her dress while Jeddah went on up to Skyline Drive. Emma rode with both their families together on a bus to bring them all up to their ceremony spot on Shenandoah National Park. It was a remarkably quiet day up there, even though the weather was perfect and it was a Saturday. Once we got there, we chose their ceremony spot and everyone gathered around. They said their vows when the time seemed right and then took family photos before everyone (except Emma, Jeddah, their dogs and I) went back to Hotel Laurance for cocktail hour. We explored the overlook where they had their ceremony and took their photos together before heading back down to join everyone for drinks and an amazing dinner.

Their dinner was wonderfully relaxed. They had a few dances, but mostly it was speeches and toasts and stories told by whoever felt so inclined.

The entire day was relaxed and flowed gloriously with almost no timeline in place (except when dinner would be served). I left them shortly after their big dance party to “Love Shack” by the B52’s,

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