Mairi and Jude | Rainy Backyard Wedding in Chicago

“You two are just… so weird.” Said their priest during the Mass.

Their wedding day felt like a wedding day. It was all the right emotions - excitement, wonder, nerves, and pure happiness.

But boy, was it different.

Bridesmaids making their own bouquets, a (wild) party trolley, Irish dancing, tacos, a seemingly endless bar, pizzas made to order, the funniest faces I’ve ever seen, feet drenched in mud, fireworks.


If you’re looking for a stunning wedding day full to the brim of gorgeous details - but also looking for weird, wild, and quirky? Mairi and Jude got you covered.

Her wedding dress was part of her mother’s. She made the invitations herself. They had about 400 guests in their back yard. It stormed and poured all day. Their bridal portraits were taken after dark, with no rhyme or reason (just muddy feet).

It was the most fun, and absolutely perfect wedding day. All right here.