Sarah & Evan | Shenandoah National Park | Maternity Session

I used to work at the cafe in the college Sarah worked for, and I’d see her nearly every day, whether she was walking buy or stopping in for a drink. I remember when Evan first started working at the college too, and seeing him stopping in nearly every day, then sometimes the two of them visiting together. AND NOW they’re married, with a sweet little one on the way. It was so, so wonderful to see the both of them. It’s always been a hoot with Sarah, and she brightened up my day yet again.

This was one of my first times offering a mini session, and I was glad as heck that these three were a part of it (:

Molly & Zach | Shenandoah National Park | Blue Ridge Mountain Engagement Session

The rock wall up on the Blue Ridge Parkway has become a theme this year. I have climbed along this wall and have had others climb along this wall countless times. Every single time, it is a different experience. Between the weather, the sky, the colors on the Park and the people who I am there with, it’s honestly been so emotional sharing something so spectacular with so many wonderful people.

I met up with Molly and Zach a couple months ago at the venue where their wedding will be next year - we mostly talked about our love for Iceland (where they got engaged!!) and the dramatic ponies there. I knew we’d get along well, and then we had their engagement session which was even more fun.

The fall colors on Skyline Drive have been a bit delayed this year, and I thought we wouldn’t get much of that epic color - but I was wrong, and we did. That Autumn sun warmed everything right up there at the end of the day, and just about killed me.

Also, I am a fan of anyone who likes a good dress, and Molly’s dress for this shoot was perfect.

Katherine & Alex | Shenandoah National Park and River | Virginia Adventure Engagement Session

When Katherine reached out asking my to photograph her wedding, she told me all about their love for Shenandoah National Park. She said her mother would bring her there for spontaneous adventures, and when Katherine started dating Alex, they started their own annual trips there together. They knew the area well, which made me so happy. This was my first time back up in the Blue Ridge Mountains in almost a month, and going there with a couple who felt like they were also returning home made it so much sweeter. They even knew the backroads I took to get down to the river. Kat and Alex are all over, from the Carolinas to Florida and California, but they’ll be back in Virginia again for their wedding next year!