Molly & Zach | Shenandoah National Park | Blue Ridge Mountain Engagement Session

The rock wall up on the Blue Ridge Parkway has become a theme this year. I have climbed along this wall and have had others climb along this wall countless times. Every single time, it is a different experience. Between the weather, the sky, the colors on the Park and the people who I am there with, it’s honestly been so emotional sharing something so spectacular with so many wonderful people.

I met up with Molly and Zach a couple months ago at the venue where their wedding will be next year - we mostly talked about our love for Iceland (where they got engaged!!) and the dramatic ponies there. I knew we’d get along well, and then we had their engagement session which was even more fun.

The fall colors on Skyline Drive have been a bit delayed this year, and I thought we wouldn’t get much of that epic color - but I was wrong, and we did. That Autumn sun warmed everything right up there at the end of the day, and just about killed me.

Also, I am a fan of anyone who likes a good dress, and Molly’s dress for this shoot was perfect.