Grace | High School Senior Portraits | Urban Downtown and Mountain Top Sunset | Shenandoah National Park

I feel like senior sessions should capture who you were growing up and where you are now. So, Grace and I ran all around downtown Luray, the town she’s grown up in, to find all the most meaningful and pretty freaking awesome spots. From the back of the art gallery and coffee shop to the old staircases she remembered going up for church events, and to the used bookstore. I wanted to find locations that reminded me of her, and I think we ticked them all. We even went up on the Shenandoah National Park (where it had reached freezing) and only stayed there for a short time before going back down into the Valley - all while listening to her favorite band, BTS. We picked up her dog Finn and went to her grandma’s back yard to swing and run around a bit in the field as the sun finally set. It was my all-time favorite senior session, because we were able to fit in so many locations, so many pieces of her.