Danielle & Jordan | Shenandoah Woods, Luray, Virginia | A Foggy Forest and Mountain Wedding

Jordan and Danielle - Shenandoah Woods Luray Virginia Wedding - Foggy Mountain and Forest Wedding - White Sails Creative Photography_74.JPG

The week before Danielle & Jordan’s wedding was a bit wild. We were expecting Hurricane Florence to hit that very day. All the vendors were chatting the week before, trying to figure out how to deal with the 60mph wind we were told to expect. But as we got closer and closer, Florence made her way further and further. By the time that Saturday showed up, it was only fog and a little rain - which made the day stunning and incredibly peaceful.

Also, always happy when something reminds me of Scotland, and that’s what these photos do.

I’m incredibly grateful for these two, they were wonderful to get to know leading up to the wedding, and it truly felt like celebrating with friends by the time their wedding came around.

Jordan snuck off one day before their wedding and recorded himself singing their first dance song (How Would You Feel by Ed Sheeran), surprising Danielle. Her reaction was absolutely perfect.

You can listen to Jordan’s version of this song RIGHT NOW.