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Allie & Greg sunset on Shenandoah National Park White Sails Creative Photography


I am so happy that you are here in this little space. You are in an absolutely thrilling time of your life, and I would love to share in that excitement with you. So, let’s dive deep and be real with each other. Have some coffee or tea (or wine, beer, or whisky) and take time to look through this guide together. I want to start with an intro to myself and my business so that we can know each other a little better. I hope it inspires you to write me back and tell me all about yourselves individually, and as a couple.


My name is Gabrielle, and I live in Harrisonburg, Virginia - on the edge of the Shenandoah River and Skyline Drive. While White Sails is my business, it’s also my passion. I am a romantic to my core. I find love, adventure, and romance in everything. In the fog, the wind, the rain, the sun glowing on dewy grass, running through fields, climbing trees. I strive to find beauty in the every day, and when it comes to a couple in love, it’s not hard to find. I love in-between moments in black and white, prints that look like film, kisses that are a little out of focus, and hands holding each other tight.

I married the love of my life, Johnny, and he has helped me tremendously me on this journey with White Sails.

We love cooking together, traveling, tea, and not the same music. We will race across the yard.

Gabrielle always wins. We are always up for hiking in the rain, or waking up at sunrise. We love watching murder mysteries, and trying to guess whodunnit the whole entire time.


Our wedding reception was outside, in November, and we drank and danced to stay warm. We love each other to the moon and back. We are working on making every country our home away from home. We love the water - in lake, river, or ocean form.

I want to capture who you are, to your core, as a couple, and create incredible art that will truly capture the best days of your lives.

My style is about connection. Connection between husband and wife, between parents and children, between those in front of the camera and the one behind. I get in close and try my absolute best to capture the way things felt in the short time we are together. It is a mixture of journalistic, lifestyle approach as well as surreal fine-art. I ask you to interact with each other and let things be the way they are - a little wild, emotional, full of little moments, and incredibly beautiful.

If you’d like to tell me more about yourselves and what you envision for your adventure, please send me all the details!
I’m a sucker for every love story.



What’s all this?!

I want to create an experience for you both. I can promise you this isn’t a scary time in front of the camera. Think of it as a documentary of who you both are, as individuals and as a couple. I want to get to know you both, and I want to capture your real selves as you create beautiful memories together. So, every engagement session is different because it entirely revolves around who you are.

Are you homebodies? Are you adventuring in the mountains, or on the river? Are you coffee-shop connoisseurs? Are you about gardening, or creating, or building? Do you love bicycling or exploring small towns? What is it the two of you love together? What is your favorite place in the whole entire world?

Take the time to honestly think about this together - then we can get started on planning the perfect session!




at sunrise or sunset

+ online gallery & shop (albums, prints, frames) to share with friends & family

+ digital download for all edited images at high-resolution

+ complete personal printing rights

+ typically lasts 1 - 2 hours

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Brandts and Kai Downtown Alexandria White Sails Creative_87.JPG


If you are booking a couple session, your retainer is half the session fee, so $225 - this holds your spot and is due within a week of receiving the invoice that I send via email (this is through my booking system - Honeybook).

After that, you can decide how you’d like the final $225 to be broken up or if you’d like to pay it all at once - the final payment is due the day before your shoot.

Auto-pay is available for this, which you set up through the invoice!

Once all of that is set up and figured out, we email each other with excitement and planning and questions and every good thing. We can absolutely meet up in person over chai tea, dinner, or something stronger. If we’re planning from a distance, we can also video chat!

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Macy & Mark Sunrise Couple Adventure Session