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What are we looking at here?

You've booked a shoot! This is super exciting, and pretty daunting. I know picking out outfits can be scary (!!) so I don't mind if you do the same!

In this case, I won't be giving you an exact set of clothing that you should wear because I don't want everyone matching, and I want you to feel like yourselves - so, I'd like to give you shades of colors that work best in different lighting situations, different backgrounds, and that work with the way I edit photos.

That way, you can wear the kinds of clothes that you prefer and that feel like you.

Below I have solid outfits, patterned, pants, and dresses that all work well when being photographed as well as color swatches, and a Pinterest Board that has ideas of props, locations, and outfits I think would work incredibly well with my style of photography. 

Just like any artist, photographers have different styles. I have some key-words that I've found best describe my own unique style of photography, that I feel can carry over to clothing style as well!

Deep & Rich Colors


Now, everyone has a color they love, that they prefer to wear, think they look best in, et cetera. I'm not going to tell you not to wear a certain color - however, there are shades that you should try to find, and shades to stay away from for photography purposes only.

Pastels & Neons | No

Oddly enough, certain colors can reflect back on your face, under your neck and chin, or onto your partner. When this happens, I have to edit all the photos in black & white, because there is a huge pink spot on your face. It's crazy! 

Bright, neon colors are definitely a no-go for this reason.
However, low neutrals can be wonderful!

Neutrals | Yes

Neutrals are not just brown, gray, black, and white. Neutral can be the shade of any color! You can have light neutrals and dark neutrals - so if you prefer to wear lighter colors, no fear! You can still wear your lighter colors.

Below are shades of just about any color you may want to wear - dark & light shades. 

White Sails Creative Style Guide Colors
White Sails Creative Style Guide Colors

If this is just too confusing, and you aren't sure what shade of what color will be suitable, never hesitate to send me a link or a picture - I'm always, always happy to help, and I never want you to feel stressed one bit.
Go ahead, bombard me!

There is also a Pinterest link with more ideas if you want them! Find it at the bottom (:

Are you ready to continue?
We're moving on to patterns!





Patterns are a tough one! There are such a ridiculous amount of options, that it's hard to know what's right and what isn't.

Basically, I recommend staying away from very busy blue & green patterns, because they can get lost in the background - but this can always vary!

Since this is hard to explain and overwhelming, I've made a Pinterest Board that has a huge variety of outfit ideas, including patterns that work well being photographed.
Feel free to check that out here - 
Client Inspiration Pinterest Board

I have the link again at the end of this post so you can give it a look over after all this reading. 

I have some little slideshows of my favorite patterns and textures.


Plenty of Outfit Choices

Do you have an abundance of outfits you can't choose from, and your crazy photographer just threw WAY too much information at you, so now you're a little lost? I am all about bringing as many outfits as you'd like, I can make sure we get on-site early enough to help you go through your outfit choices and pick out the best ones for where we are!

That way if you want to wear pants for some shots and a wonderfully flowing dress for another, we can make that happen!

Depending on location, you’ll most likely be changing in the back of the car on the side of the road. If that isn't what you're into, that’s totally fine - just bring one outfit! But, if you still want help beforehand picking that outfit out, feel free to bring the closet along, or send me pictures / video chat me beforehand so I can help you out!


Hair & Makeup 

Jordan Sky Meadow Portrait Session White Sails Photography_9.jpg

Now, you can do whatever you'd prefer for hair & makeup. If you want to get all dolled up, and you know you have the skills for this because it is your daily routine, then by all means, go right ahead! If you don't often do your own hair and makeup, it's out of the norm for you, but you would like to go all out and get fancy with it, I do suggest you get this done professionally. If you are not one to do your hair and makeup often, and would like to look like your natural self, then of course you may go au natural! It is entirely up to you what you feel most comfortable in.



The only part of hair and makeup that I will be forward about is the wind! Windy hair is a huge part of White Sails, it's one of the biggest inspirations behind my photographs, and it is something that I find phenomenally romantic. So, if you are going to get your hair done professionally, please keep in mind that I'm going to try to find some wind to the best of my abilities.



As a romantic in love with windy, rainy days,  photographing in the rain is a dream. 
Of COURSE it's understandable if you'd prefer not to be out in the rain, so there are options for this.

We could postpone and wait for another day (this happens a lot, no worries!), we could brave the rain, or we could do an indoor/outdoor shoot - this is entirely up to you. Foggy or overcast days are almost preferable. It means nice, even lighting, and very dramatic pictures. No need to worry about that sort of weather!

Whether it's raining, snowing, super duper hot (like you) or just frigid, make sure you are prepared! If it's a day that calls for it - bring along jackets, boots, towels, blankets, whether or not they go with your outfit. If you'd like to bring rain boots, umbrellas, or blankets along that do go along with your outfit - great idea! Otherwise, bring that huge coat along and throw it off in-between shots! Couples' photo shoots with me are basically filled with snuggling anyway, so that should help keep warm too!

Bringing along a change of clothes can be helpful too, just incase it's a hot day and you decide you wanna jump in the water.


(or no shoes)

For men, I almost always suggest boots for a session - they can be dressed up and dressed down, can climb all over rocks and through fields and you don’t gotta worry. Dress shoes are good too, as long as you don’t mind them potentially getting scuffed (so a worn-leather dress shoe is perfect!) Gym shoes are so distracting in nearly every situation. If either of you wanna opt for going barefoot (YES!), maybe bring some easy shoes for slipping on and off for in-between shots and for climbing. If you’re going formal, just know you may get your shoes a little dirty.

pinterest & props

Now, let's go back to photography style. There are so many photographers out there, I firmly believe that there is a very specific photographer for every single person who is looking for one. My style is not one that includes a majority of props or Pinterest poses. I try to be very raw, capturing you two interacting naturally. While I don't suggest chalk boards with quotes or dates on them - bringing a hat, a tent, a bicycle, a blanket, a picnic, a campfire, flowers, a canoe, a bathing suit - props that show off who you are and activities that you enjoy; those are perfect.

Here's a Pinterest board I've made that you can browse that has ideas for photo shoot locations, styling, props, and outfits!