Jordan || Boudoir Portraits Loudoun County Virginia

When I started dancing Jordan was my Clara in the Nutcracker and I was her party girl. We grew up the next few years dancing side by side as completely different people, but always really good friends. I seem to remember some times when she'd bring a film camera into dance class, or I'd bring my point and shoot to our full-day rehearsals to make my yearly Nutcracker montage. Dance was all we had in common growing up, but with it being 4 to even 6 days a week, it was all we really needed. 10 years later, she and I still have our love for dance as well as a love for photography and the outdoors. She started teaching dance this past year, and I found myself accepting a teaching job at the same studio as well. She's a farmer, she cares for animals, collects dead bugs, works farmers' markets, and creates incredible jewelry. We started this Monday off with coffee (I got my first espresso, which was way too crazy - she showed up to my hyper-spilled coffee on the table), drove to her parents' home where we got some neat props, and then started our hike in an incredibly harsh late-morning sun. The hike was short but strenuous, sweating through our clothes and lugging along a sword, deer skull, and bags of clothes, we made it halfway up before we found some shade and an amazing breeze. Thank you, Jordan, for being absolutely stunning & for my first boudoir shoot.