Hannah | Snowy Lake Arrowhead Portraits

Don’t leave love there’s a storm above. Don’t leave love.

Hannah! I had never met Hannah before this portrait session, but we were friends on Facebook because of mutual friends, and I had asked her a couple months back if she would like to do a photo shoot together. It took a couple months of figuring schedules, and finally when we set a date, it snowed. So we postponed by one more day, and here we were. It was SO windy. We could only stay out for 30 minutes, our hands were so frozen. She was a serious champ, dealing with this freezing weather and my cold stuttering. I'm so happy that our schedules didn't work out until recently, because I've only really discovered this location for photography in the last couple weeks, and it was perfect for this shoot.

After only taking pictures for 30 minutes, we needed to warm up so we went out for chai (because this local coffee shop seriously has the best chai in the whole world) and talked for 2 hours until the shop closed. I wish I could do that after every photo shoot and get to know my clients this way.

Ever since I was young I would hear a song that would put an image in my head, and that's when I would start going out to take self portraits. Now, whenever I have a photo shoot, I will listen to certain songs that I think will fit the vibe, either on the way there or while photographing, and then again while I'm editing.

I've decided to start including these songs with my blog posts, so if you'd like to listen along you definitely should.